Origami Design: Materials for Classrooms

meteachingAlmost all of computational origami is intimately related to geometry, both intuitively and mathematically. But there’s also a lot of algebra, trigonometry, and even number theory and discrete mathematics involved in many concepts. For specific examples, see the student worksheets designed to accompany the GardenEDU Origami Design Videos.





  • Geometric Folding Algorithms: Linkages, Origami Polyhedra by Erik Demaine and Joseph O’Rourke
  • Project Origami: Activities for Exploring Mathematics by Thomas Hull (It was recommended to me by Ms. Mosley)

People (their homepages, interviews with them, and/or images of their artistic work)

  • Eric Joisel
  • Michael Lafosse
  • Robert Lang
  • Erik Demaine
  • Jeannine Mosely
  • Jason Ku
  • Brian Chan


Other Videos:


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